Skin Care Routine with Aveda Canada & the new Tulasara line

Taking a break from all things Party to get real for a second here. I've never had perfect or pretty skin.  As I've gotten older, I have definitely started taking much better care of it, and using excellent quality products is part of that. Aveda has recently launched a prestigious skin care line called Tulasara, which in Sanskrit means, 'moving towards balance' and I was so incredibly thrilled to try it out. The plant-powered Oleation Oil  is partnered with a patented, high quality dry brush, and the Bright Concentrate is remarkably light and feels amazing on my skin. 

The dry brushing technique is something I have never done before, but I am absolutely obsessed with doing this ritual before my yoga work out, or after a run. It truly does awaken the senses and my skin looks and feels so incredible afterwards. My favourite is the Bright Concentrate! I have been using it daily for the past few weeks and already notice that my dark spot are diminishing, and my skin is more even toned and glowy. Plus it doesn't hurt that the packaging is gorgeous!

You can buy this wonderful skin care line online or visit your closest Aveda store!

xox Nat

Wanna Be My Bridesmaid?

I didn't think I wanted a bridal party. It seems strange to pick my favorite women to be a prominent part of our wedding day and leave others out. Then I thought it would be great to have my closest 15 girls as part of our bridal party. In hindsight, not my best idea. So I decided to ask my two sisters Natalie and Bee, and my two best friends Sarah and Sarah. I gave them their favorite chocolate bars (and Reese bites!) wrapped in some pretty paper from the dollar bins at Michaels.  We also made this cute "Wanna be my Bridesmaid?" printable in case you or someone special you know is getting married and want to do something fun and different for your ladies!
Let us know in comments in you want the downloadable file :)
We are having a ton of fun crafting for this weekend's engagement party.
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Seashell Candle Tutorial

Well, prep for Mercedes & TJ's engagement party is underway over here, because the party is in...less than 3 weeks!! We can't wait to throw a little 55+ guest list party with our lovely family and friends to celebrate two completely in freakin love and rad people.

More details about the party to come, but we've decided on a beachy, California, boho theme, with lots of greens and flowers. Because when you can't go to the beach, you can always bring a little bit of the beach to you. So we made some sea shell candles to give away as bomboniere (favours) for our guests. Because who doesn't love candles, and also, they make a cute little display when all together. We think they would be great as a table runner too! The best part, they are super easy and cheap to make!


Sea Shells - we've been collecting them from the beach,  Michaels, Wal Mart & the dollar store
tea lights
tin baking tray
hot glue gun and glue sticks

 Remove tea light liners. Gently take out the wick.
 Place all the tea light wax into the tin baking tray.
 Place on stove over very low heat, I used the simmer setting.
 While the wax is melting, make a base for the shells. We did this because we wanted to make sure that the candles are sturdy and will not tip over. I'm using a silicon glue gun mat I got at Dollarama, but any silicon mat will work. Put a large, round blob of glue and quickly place the shell on top. Wait for it to cool completely before removing from mat.
 Hot glue in the wick, or use some melted wax. 
 Very carefully pour the hot wax into the candles and voila!

We can't wait to share more engagement party tutorials and ideas!!

xox Nat

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