Day 1: Fancy Pocky

 I dated this guy when I first moved to Toronto. It was a bit of a major disaster. When it was all said and done I learned a whole lot about myself, men, relationships and growing the F up. However, the most important thing he taught me was that Pocky exists (and The Beatles are geniuses).
Pocky has since become one of my favorite treats, and so it only seemed right that it would be the one to launch our 5 DAYS 5 WAYS series. Once a month we're going to choose an awesome product and show you how to style it, craft it and eat it in 5 unique and creative ways.
So here it is. Day one. FANCY POCKY!!!!!
This is seriously the worlds simplest DIY.

What you need
A glass
Pocky (any flavor!)

What to do
1. Put 4 Pocky at a time in your glass upside down and microwave for 30 seconds stopping after 15 to turn them around.
2. Take them out of the glass and roll, dip, and sprinkle on little candies and sprinkles.

Note: Everyone's microwave is different.  You want the Pocky to be melted enough that the goodies will stick but not so the chocolate is melting off.
Have fun and don't forget to tag @thepartyparade and hashtag #thepartyparadediy in your posts so we can see how awesome and brilliant you are!

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