Day 2: Pocky Skewers

Okay I know I said yesterday's DIY was the easiest ever, but this actually might be even easier. And delicious. And pretty. And easy. And awesome.
What you need:
Wood skewers
Your favorite chewy candies. Marshmallows are great too because they're so soft. We also used key ring candies and just cut off and threw out ate the long part.
What to do:
 1.  Poke the pointy end of the skewer into your candy.
 2.  Move it in small circles until you increase the size of the hole so it looks big enough for the Pocky to fit.
3.  Very gently put the Pocky through the opening, being careful not to break it. Make sure to put some candies on from the bottom and some from the top of the Pocky. The more you slide them the more gooey the Pocky gets and it's more likely they will break. We broke a few while making them so don't feel bad just use it as a taste tester and keep trying!
These would make a great party favor in a little bag with a ribbon, don't you think?

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