Nat's Advent Calendar DIY

I cannot believe it's almost December. Things are crazy this year, but I'm hoping to get a chance make another advent calendar. In the meantime I want to share with you a DIY tutorial for my calendar from last year! 
 I found the boxes at Michael's and used a 40% off coupon. I already had the gold leaf, but I also purchased that at Michael's a few months ago. All of the other materials I had, or found in the forest.  
To gold leaf the numbers, I first made myself a little white paper window so that they would all be the same size, because I am a little crazy like that. Then take the adhesive pen and draw your number, wait a few seconds and then place the gold leaf on top of the glue, with the tissue paper and rub it in gently.  Next take a paint brush and brush away the gold leaf. I try and save all the big leftover pieces. 

Finally assemble the boxes.
 For the little gifts, I just bought a bunch of things that I know Ellia loves.  
Once I filled all of the boxes, I closed them up and put a bit of hot glue on them to make sure they stay closed. Then I used a single hole punch to make a hole in the middle. I strung up a piece of birch on two hooks in the ceiling and hung the boxes at different levels. Then I added some greens, and pine cones, which I found on one of mine and Ellia's walks through the forest!
I am going to buy a few books about The Story of Advent and Christmas for Ellia so that she also learns the true meaning of this special time. 
Is anyone else doing an Advent Calender this year? Is there another tradition or something you do instead? I got some great feedback last year, would love to know what you all are up to this holiday season!
xox Nat

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