When you get an email from Ferrero Rocher asking if they can send you a package, you say yes. Obviously. Who doesn't love the hazelnut, chocolate goodness that is Ferrero Rocher? I would even go as far to say that my sisters and I may be mildly obsessed. You know those little 3 packs they always have at the cash in stores, they get me. Every. Single. Time. 
Last Christmas I decided to switch it up from my usual decor. I am going for a soft, pastel coloured Christmas. I also plan on using natural elements like pine cones, wood and bits of foliage. 
A little girly brunch is always a good idea. I LOVE brunch. So I set up this simple table, incorporating my Ferrero Rocher's. They are really packaged so pretty, I think they work perfectly with the Christmas balls and other decor. I also like the fact that they double as dessert or a little take home treat!
My youngest sister Bianca, who is Ferrero Rocher's #1 fan was my assistant for our little brunch. 
We can't wait to collaborate with Ferrero Rocher again this holiday season!

Sweetest love,

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