Sugared Fruit Centerpiece DIY

Delighted Mag asked us to create a DIY centerpiece for their readers, so we dreamed up this pretty little mamma.
We've always loved those old paintings of flowers in vases and fruit at Nonna's house.  Do you know the ones? They're usually in a bulky gold frame and have a multicolored background. Anyway, those pictures of the inspiration for this DIY. The sugared fruit is so elegant,  and adds texture to the centerpiece. It also looks great in a bowl on it's own.

Variety of fruit
Wooden skewers or long floral picks
Basting brush
Extra-fine sugar
Waxed paper
Bowl or vase for display
Optional – fresh flowers
  1. Spear fruit with wooden skewers or floral picks.
  2. Crack egg and separate the whites from the yolks. Put the egg whites into a small bowl.
  3. Using a basting brush, coat your fruit with a thin layer of the egg whites.
  4. With your fingers, lightly sprinkle sugar over the fruit, and rotate as you go.
  5. Continue to sprinkle and rotate,  as the first few layers will dissolve into the egg whites.  When the coating turns white, add extra sugar to a few spots to create a pretty frost like look.
  6. Let dry for 30 minutes on waxed paper. 
  7. Arrange dried sugared fruit in a bowl or vase. For an extra sweet centerpiece, add fruit to a floral arrangement or in various bowls along with flowers on your table! We used floral oasis to hold the flowers in place and poked the skewers in the oasis with the fruit on the end.

{As far as eating the fruit goes, that's really up to you. We eat raw eggs often but some prefer not to!}

Hope you have fun with this one, and don't forget to tag @thepartyparadediy on your pics!

Sweetest love,

Mercedes & Nat

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