Free Valentine Printables

Happy February...The month of LOVE! Okay I think every month is the month of love, but people do get a little carried away with pink and hearts and chocolate and candy and we are more than okay with that. Speaking of love, we have been getting a lot from you guys lately and want to give some back. Nat created 4 prints, with Gelatos and we are sharing them with you! We always find the cheapest gold frames at Value Village but they would look cute even just washi taped to a wall we think!
By the way, the Gelatos are super neat. We had never seen them before, but when I passed them in Michael's on one of my monthly weekly trips, I bought them not even knowing what they were for. I did a little research, most of which turned up stamping and scrapbooking uses, but I just decided to try them out and really love the effect they create!

I am sharing these prints for personal use only, not be be re-sold. I recommend printing them on letter sized cardstock, but regular paper will work too. Trim to size and enjoy! Please tag me @natspencer if you share any photos using my prints, would love to see what you do with them! And if you happen to use them on your blog and want too link back to me that would be great too!

xox nat

If you use them and post a pic please don't forget to TAG us and mention @thepartyparade on IG and FB. We want to see how they look in your home. :)

Sweet Table for Two

Hey ya'll, here's another throwback styled shoot for you! This one is all about L to the O to the V to the E. Our beautiful friends got engaged (3 years ago..AH!) and we created this sweet table for them. The backdrop is made from thrifted fabric and gluing together some dollar store tinsel.  Sometimes a little glitter, sprinkles, and a few hours of cutting squares out of crepe paper goes a long way ;)
Mercedes & Nat


DIY Cupid Feather Wings

Yesterday we posted our Kissed By Cupid Sweet Table featured on Ruffledblog a few years back. As promised here are the instructions for the gold wings. They're so fun hanging on the wall (I think for the whole month of February is acceptable, right?), and look pretty great on our model too. Maybe we should all wear wings around the house in celebration of Valentines Day/because they're cool?!

-white feathers (we used 10 bags for these large wings)
-gold spray paint
-thin elastic
-hot glue gun & glue sticks
-2 pieces of foam board
-utility knife
1. Draw out the shape you would like the wings to be on one piece of the foam board.
 2. Using the utility knife, cut along the line, place on the other piece of foam board and trace. Save the scraps for later.
3. Glue feathers in rows, starting at the bottom and overlapping slightly. Turn over and cover the other side with feathers as well.
4. Repeat step 3 on the second wing.
5. With the left over foam board, cut out a large rectangle and score down the middle, just enough to fold easily.
6. Cut elastics long enough to go around shoulders and hot glue to the rectangle piece of foam board near where you scored it.
 7. Hot glue the piece of foam board with attached elastics to the wings.
8. Spray paint and you’re done!

*Don't forget to tag @thepartyparade and hashtag #thepartyparadediy, we want to see your creations!
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