BFF Cali Bay Sweet Table

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California is where I live in my daydreams, the sunshine, the beach, my little happy place. I have been visiting 1-2 times a year for the past decade, with the exception of 2012, when I was pregnant and had a baby. You can read more about my love for California here. When your best friends Dad lives in a condo, with an ocean view in Southern California, how can you not. Every single time we visit, we always talk about a photoshoot we want to have there. Preferably on the boat, at dusk, golden light streaming onto a little dessert table. We never really knew what we wanted it to be like, if it was going to be a styled bridal shower, or party. We thought we wanted it to be nautical theme, you know, because the whole sail boat thing, but we just weren't really sure. It was challenging, setting up a mini dessert buffet with none of my things from home. I brought 2 of my vintage dresses with me (well they aren't technically mine, I am borrowing them from a member of hubs family until the day she asks for them back and I cry sad tears) We had to buy a whole bunch of things and spent a long time running around. It turned from a nautical shoot to a little fun BFF party (minus one BFF unfortunately) but I am kind of in love with how it turned out. It was super simple, the table cloth we purchased ended up looking awful so I made a game time decision to switch it up and they just happened to have the perfect blanket on the boat! I rushed to do some little floral pieces (holy moly flowers are CHEAP in Cali!!!) and just had a super fun little shoot! Katie even took some photos of me and her Dad and Step Mom came down at the perfect time to take a few photos of us together! The sun was setting quick, and we were super rushed, but I am so happy we finally did it.

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