Christmas 2015

It was a beautiful Christmas! We almost exclusively baked and cooked and crafted and ate. Our sweet little miss sassy pants, Ellia, was obviously the center attention. Here's a little photo recap of our festivities. I hope you all had a beautiful holiday and sending you a million good vibes for 2016.

This years advent calendar was the boxes Nat made for last years calendar stacked and filled with a bunch of crafts that kept Ellia busy for a few minutes a day.....
Nat painted a pair of thrifted skates pastel pink and hung them on the front door with a few greens. Mom has been the Christmas decorating queen for many years, with a dozen client homes she creates magic in every holiday season. We stole this idea from her, she's been doing it for years! Cute, right?!

I made this candle holder for mom. I took a thick wood round and drilled holes into it for 19 Dollaramma candles.

 Damage free wall hooks with little reindeer ornaments hung the stockings on the wall. Gotta get crafty without a mantle!
This was a fun little dollar store project! I got a bunch of toy furniture, some trees and a car and spray painted everything white. Then I hot glued everything to a wood round to make a little Christmas scene. One at a tree farm, and one miniature Christmas living room.
As much as we love Christmas crafts and decor, food is the most important thing at our house. Mom and grandma go a little nuts making everything homemade from scratch, because they're Italian and there simply is no other options.
I put this antipasto together to enjoy before Christmas Eve dinner.
Once this was cleared we served seafood pie, gorgonzola gnocchi, lasagna, prime rib, salads, potatoes, beans, bacon wrapped chicken, and brussle sprouts and peeta (A homemade fried bread made with potatoes) The following right Grandma made turkey/ham/sweet potatoes and all the things that go along with a classic turkey dinner, plus the greatest homemade ravioli she has EVER made.
Needless to say, we could barely move by boxing day.
After dinner came the sweets. I can honestly say we didn't go over board this year compared to usual!
Nat is the cookie master. Not only are they stunning, they were the perfect spicy gingerbread. Yuuum.  
Hope you all had a beauitful Christmas too!
xo Mercedes

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