Marbled Mini Donuts

One of the aspects of the new house that I was super excited about was the marble countertops. We had Quartz in the last two houses, but really wanted to switch it up this time and I really love the look of it! I always love baking, but baking something as cute as donuts is extra rewarding. So I had these mini donuts and was trying to think of how I wanted to ice them, and they were just there, sitting on the marble countertops and I had this AH HA! moment! So I whipped up some simple glaze and just went with it and was so thrilled at how awesome they turned out. A lot of you guys asked for a tutorial so here it is!

Wilton Mini Donut Pan -  Mine is from Michael's or here
wire rack
parchment paper
food colouring - we went with 2 shades of pink & black
sprinkles (optional)

Bake some mini donuts! There are tons of recipes over on Pinterest. I used an almond flavoured one and added mini chocolate chips to some of them. 

For the glaze we went with a simple icing sugar, milk and a dash of clear vanilla extract. I just added about 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar, 3-4 tablespoons of milk or water and 2 teaspoons of vanilla (optional) and stirred until smooth. You want to be able to dip the mini donut and the glaze and it be thick enough to stick and not just run off. Add more icing sugar if too runny or more milk if too thick.

Place a piece of parchment paper under your wire rack.

 Using a toothpick (or just a little drop if liquid food colouring) put some random dots of colour all over the icing.
 Using a clean toothpick, swirl around until you like the effect. You can add more colour at anytime if you wish.
 Dunk the mini donut in the glaze, hold for a few seconds, slowly lift up and let the glaze drip a bit before turning it over and setting on a wire rack.
 Use a toothpick to poke a hole if it doesn't happen on it's own. Let dry for a minute and add some sprinkles if you want.
 Let them dry and then plate and serve! You should probably take some pretty pictures of them first, because they are so darn cute!!

xox Nat

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