Manly Man Sweet Table

What's better than a party? a SURPRISE party! Amanda asked me to create a killer dessert table and boy-ishly awesome space for her husband Ross 30th birthday. As much as I love pastels and glitter, I was so excited to do something different. I asked Amanda to tell me a bit about Ross, and learned he grew up in Scotland, loves traveling, sweets, soccer, beer and other typical guy stuff.

A very generous friend of my mine mailed me hundreds of bottle caps all the way from BC that he's collected over the past 10 years. I made a giant marquee 30 covered in caps, and used them throughout the space. Our very own talented Sarah painted a few cake toppers for me that I think brought everything together.

  Take a look at all the fun little details of this weeks throwback #sweettablesunday!
 Nat made these awesome invitations!

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