Project Ellia's Room - Peg Doll Family Portrait

You all know by now how much I love creating special, fun things for Ellia's room. I had this idea of making a family portrait using peg dolls and wanted them to be whimsical and fun interpretations of us. Ellia has always been my bunny. She's smart, adorable and so sassy. She is also very stubborn and knows what she wants, much like our newest family member, a Holland Lop rabbit named Poppy. Daddy is our superhero, we will call him Captain Daddy. He would do anything and everything for us and is always there when we need him. And me, I am a pastel pink haired, ocean loving mermaid. A girl can dream, right?!

I bought this pack of wooden peg dolls from Wal Mart, but also have bought a few packs from Michael's. 

For this project all you need is some paint, brushes, peg dolls and a little imagination. 
With a pencil, I drew on the design I wanted for each first.
 Then painted them!
 For the mermaid, I added a floral crown which I made out of Polymer Clay.
 I also made the bunny ears out of clay, and painted them. I attached a little white pom pom as a tail.
 This little house I picked up from Michael's in the miniature's section and added a piece of decorative paper to the back!
 Here are some more mini peg dolls I painted for Ellia's triangle shelves. I think they are so adorable and fun!
These three Ellia chose the colours and painted herself. It was her idea to add glitter, and she wanted one to have a party hat. That girls imagination blows me away! It is definitely a fun and inexpensive craft to do with little ones :)

Nat xoxo

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