Nutella Stuffed Pretzels

Guys, these are SO yum. 
In honor of National Pretzel day here's a quick little DIY treat. I wouldn't exactly consider it a recipe because I totally cheated and used a Pillsbury Pizza Crust! 

what you need:
1 jar of Nutella
Coarse salt
Basting brush 
Piping bag
Parchment paper

what to do:
1. Lay your dough out horizontally on a large cutting board. 
2. Slice it into 1" strips.
3. Slice all strips in half, down the middle.
4. Fill your piping bag with Nutella. 
5. pipe a straight line off to one side of each strip, leaving a .3 space beside the line and on each end. (enough do you can fold the other side over and then press it shut without pressing on the Nutella).
6. fold the dough over the Nutella and press the sides down with the back of a spoon, sealing it shut. 
7. Now twist it into a pretzel shape, or just leave them in strips! The Nutella might pop out a bit while they bake which makes them less pretty but equally as delicious. 
8. Cover each pretzel generously with butter using your basting brush, and top with coarse salt.
9. I don't have a convection oven, and I wanted the tops to get nice and crispy so I decided to use bake AND broil. I baked them on a baking sheet on parchment paper at 350º for 5 minutes, then switched the oven over to broil (leaving them in) and baked for an additional 2 minutes. 

Some of them came of fat and ugly and others looked great. They aren't dainty or pretty pretzels, but boy are they tasty!

Hope you love theses as much as I do, and don't forget to tag @thepartyparade and hashtag #thepartyparade if you post pics, we want to see and share them.

How fun is the pretzel confetti that The Confetti Bar sent me!
Check out their website, it's a total party.

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