Mini Flamingo Printable Freebie

Remember that cute little flamingo bar cart we did last week?! Well we have a little freebie for you! Nat drew these party Flamingos, they make adorable cupcake or cake toppers! Feel free to re-size and use as you please. We printed on cardstock, cut them out with an X-acto utility knife and attached them to toothpicks. If you download and use them, be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #thepartyparadelife :)!
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CLICK to download printables!

Mercedes & Nat

Emoji Cake

This might be my favorite build-a-cake to date. The incredible Lynzie at Love By Lynzie asked me to make this three tiered giant to compliment an Emoji Theme Bat Mitzvah. It was made for the lovely Becca, who insisted it be bright, colorful, and full of all her favorite emoticons! The inside was just as epic as the outside. Becca asked for a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of Nutella frosting, a layer of funfetti, a layer of cookie dough frosting, a layer of Nutella frosting, and a layer of chocolate cake...and that's just ONE layer. yup.
The cake was displayed in front of an emoji sugar cookie wall made by Lynzie with cookies from Art of Frosting, who also made the adorable sugar cookies on the cake. I mean COME ON!
 If you live in Toronto or a surrounding area and want to order your own build-a-cake, email us! :)


Impormptu Flamingo Party

PSST! Nat and I have a little secret. But wait, I can't tell you what it is yet. Rude, I know. We threw this together in two hours using things we had around hanging out around the studio for a little video project we're working on. Yes, Fernando the flamingo is something we have lying around...because everyone needs a life size furry flamingo friend. Nat drew the most adorable little flamingo cake toppers which will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD later this week! Because we love you and are so grateful for every one of you beauties who comes to The Party Parade and supports our blog.

Oh and this awesome bar cart? A $5 garage sale find by my incredible TJ. Awesome, Right!?

Well here it is, a few pictures of Fernando and friends :).

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