Mermaid Crown Tutorial

Hi guys! It's been awhile since we have posted over here, so many fun and exciting things have been happening and we are trying to spend as much time enjoying summer as possible!

I recently got back from a mini vacation to California, and as always, I was inspired and fell in love with the ocean all over again. When Mercedes and I were younger, we used to spend hours in our grandparents indoor pool,  pretending to be mermaids and singing Part of Your World from our favourite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. Because, obviously! All those beachy, California vibes had me daydreaming about living near the water and how much a part of my life it is, even if I live so far away. Also, I still like to pretend I am a mermaid, because that's what all adults dream about, right? When I called Mercedes up and very enthusiastically told her I wanted to be a mermaid, in general but also for Halloween this year, she mentioned that she already decided that she was going as a mermaid this year and wanted to make a shell crown to go along with it. So here is an easy and super fun tutorial for a Mermaid Crown. I think mermaid shell crowns are the new flower crown, who's with me?


plain headband - Mine is metal and from Michaels, you could also buy one from the dollarstore!
sea shells
gems, beads, anything you want to decorate and embellish the crown
necklace chain (optional)
glue gun

 Attach the wire at one end by wrapping it around the headband. Make a loop and then attach at the other side and snip it off. Use the pliers to push in the wire. This will be the base to attach your shells. Try the headband on and make sure it is going to be at the angle that you want the shells to sit!
Start by hot gluing the middle shell, and just keep adding! You can make the wire loop smaller, or more loops depending on your size and shape of the shells. 
I added some little beads, and also some white non-perils that I use for cake and cookie decorating because they have that pearly look! I also decided to hang the necklace chain, which I just measured out two identical pieces and hot glued in the center and evenly on both sides. I then took another shorter piece, added a gem to the end and hot glued it down the middle for more of a boho feel!

I have a whole bunch of left over shells, I am thinking a mermaid top will be up next!

xox Nat

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