ONE Halloween Cake - FOUR ways!

Happy almost Halloween!! Anyone who knows me, is well aware of my slight problem with indecisiveness, and I could not decide exactly how I wanted my Halloween cake to look. Shocking, I know. So we are featuring FOUR different ways to decorate your Halloween cake, from yummy, to spooky to pretty! I would love to hear which one YOU would do or like the best!

I made a secret oath to myself to never do a fondant cake ever again, and then broke it today because I just wanted that smooth, marble look...don't ask me to make another one anytime soon though. You could just purchase a cake from a baker or even the grocery store for this!


The yummy topper
I made some vanilla bean sugar cookies on lollipop sticks and iced them with royal icing in pretty pastel colours.
The spooky spider topper
I hot glued sparkly spiders from Wal Mart to toothpicks and stuck them in the cake
The sugar skull topper
You could use any skull, they have them at the dollarstore! This one is also a sugar cookie that I made. Add some flowers, and you have a pretty Day of the Dead cake!
The pretty pumpkin topper
3 mini pumpkins and a stem of greens from the grocery store floral department make for a simple, pretty fall cake!

Ok, let me know your favourite one!!

xo Nat

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