Spooky Glam Halloween Mantle

 I love Halloween. This year, despite being in the midst of house renos and traveling to Ottawa this weekend For Elle's birthday, we are having a party on Monday. Crazy, right? 

Of course I had to do a bit of decorating. I collaborated with my girl Sarah who is A brilliant artist to bring you some incredible pro tables. She sketched these portraits inspired by vintage kids costumes. I'm so obsessed, if they weren't seriously creepy I would keep them up. Probably not the best Christmas look though....

Here are my last minute Halloween ideas for spooky glam decor! 
  1. Baby Ghosts: grab some porcelain and/or plastic dolls and spray paint them white. 
  2. Get some cheesecloth and rip holes in it. It looks great mixed with webs. 
  3. Put a flower crown on a skull. I didn't have time to do it before I took this picture, but it would be so great, right? 
  4. Grab some frames (I love these thrifted ones from value village) and download these creepy Halloween kids. I used tiny command hooks to put them on the wall. I love them because they don't damage the paint.

Don't forget to tag #thepartyparadelife for a chance to be featured on our IG! (But mostly so I can admire your work) 
 Have a spooktacular weekend, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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