Taking Time

Our guest room/office is in preproduction for a makeover with JYSK.  We are planning to transform the space with dark, moody wallpaper, a daybed, and tons of texture and personality. In the meantime I am very much enjoying the empty space. Maybe one day I will have a studio just to create in. Yes, I'd like that very much. I've decided to play with watercolours, treat myself to brownies and hazelnut coffee, and infuse some creative energy into the room. I found this great art store in our new neighbourhood called ARTiculations. I picked up some supplies I have never used before and have no idea how to, and began to play.

Since life is a constant stream of hectic over here, I have been consciously attempting to take quiet moments to myself. I'm sitting in meditation every almost every day for 1 hour and trying to disconnect from my computer and phone more often and for longer periods of time. Most days I fail, but I am learning the importance of taking time.  My job is creative, but often requires staring for hours at my computer screen, which is hard on my body and spirit.  I think making things just for practice and for the love of creation is so important, especially for those of us who do it for a living. What helps me is working in silence, and not having my phone around at all when I am doing any kind of creative work. 

My wood JORD watch allows me to keep track of time without depending on my cell.  I can leave it in a different room and not get distracted. What a brilliant idea (heavy dose of sarcasm, here). I am not a jewelry person. I wear my engagement ring, and...uhhh ya that's it.  I like this piece because it looks organic and isn't at all flashy. I have always wanted a good watch because they make me feel unjustifiably nostalgic. Maybe I'm an old man on the inside.

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I chose the frankie 30 series dark sandal wood and slate.

*This is a sponsored post

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