1 Mantle 3 Ways with HomeSense

When we first moved into the house last summer the mantle was the first reno project we did. It was an ugly old fake wood with stones that looked like bird seed. We painted it white, added marble tile, and voila. I fell in love with it. I've always wanted a mantel to decorate and I finally had one. TJ said to me, this can be your forever changing art installation in the house. I think that was his way of saying please don't decorate and redecorate the whole house, confine your crazy to this little space. Ha!

 I do love switching up the mantel way too often.  Our first Christmas and Halloween designs were so fun to dream up and put together. 

That bring me to this project. I teamed up with HomeSense Canada to create three completely different styled mantel's in my space using exclusively HomeSense finds. Which is your favourite style?

#1 Black and White Glam
For this more contemporary style mantel I chose black and white pieces with wood and gold accents.  The tufted black chair adds an androgynous vibe to the space, making a bold visual statement. The vase is filled with fresh eucalyptus which smells like heaven and dries beautifully. The simple black and white striped rug pulls the space together with subtlety. 

I love this table lamp. It acts as a bit of eye candy and illuminates the space beautifully. 

This is about as "minimalist" as my work gets. I appreciate and often to aspire to decorating with less, but my hearts is always crying out "more is more!" 

*Hot tip: Use items with a variety of shapes and heights. My favourite examples here are the 2 round wall pieces, the tall "snow man" shaped vase, and ceramic hand. All items are clean and simple but together they make an interesting vignette.

#2 Beachy Summer Getaway

The inspiration for this mantel came from this fabulous Grey Malin inspired print I found at my local  HomeSense store. The colour palette is bright and fun, bringing everything I love about summer style into a small space. The pineapple rug and flamingo throw clash just enough that I love them together. I found the chairs in the outdoor patio section, but they're absolutely comfortable and stylish enough to keep indoors. 

I created the mantle niche filled with beautiful HomeSense silk flowers by attaching chicken wire and sticking the flowers in the holes. If you are looking for well priced, beautiful florals, look no further than HS. They look and feel real and stores are always stocked with a stunning variety.

This style inspiration is perfect for the eclectic style beach lover with a flower addiction.

*Hot tip: Chose tropical plants as accents to accentuate the Cali vibe and bring the beach into your home.

#3 Pretty Pastel Paradise
For this mantel, I first found the beautiful blush love seat and worked around it. I love the unique shape of the end tables and how they fit perfectly beside the mantel.  I found 2 (almost) matching gold baskets and wrapped my fiddle leaf figs ($50 for both...an awesome Craigslist find!) in faux furs and put them in the baskets.

The vases are filled with my favourite silk blooms in pastel tones, which helped me further develop the colour palate. I wanted to include my 2 HomeSense geode pieces and was excited to find the geode art to match.

The fur rug adds texture and depth to the space, and I chose to keep it off to one side instead of centred. I like to play with some symmetrical elements and others that are aren't within the same installation.

This mantel is my personal favourite. It has an old hotel vibe.

*Hot tip: If you can't find the right piece of art to hang, check the rug section. I pinned the pretty floral rug up there and it add some great texture and colours.

Let me know which is your favourite! If you're inspired by any of these designs don't forget to tag #TPPathome, I want to see your style!:)

Much love,

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