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Welcome to the Party Parade. We are sisters, DIY nerds, artists, bakers,  photographers, and stylists who parade through life with a trail of glitter and sprinkles following behind us!

Hi I'm Mercedes! If you're looking for me I'm probably in at home with a script in one hand a glue gun in the other, and a pot of fresh pasta on the stove.  I'm an actor, singer, and crafty mess maker with an addiction to art and design. I love Netflix, pizza, and being my own boss!
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Hello there! I'm Natalie, a fine art wedding and portrait photographer and artist.  I am a daydreamer, lover of light, cheese pizza, babies and the beach. A true girly girl, pink, glitter and daily dance parties with my daughter are a must. I am Instagram obsessed, I like flea markets, California, my family,  and baking and styling fabulous parties with my sisters, mom and friends.
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Don't mess with us in the kitchen, ya'll. ;)

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